Westpack profile

Westpack in Denmark has for more than 60 years focused on boxes for the watch and jewellery industry, and now also the eyewear industry, which has developed into a strong concept with considerable growth.

Today, Westpack handles more than 300,000 boxes and bags on a daily basis, which we distribute to more than 8,500 retailers and jewellery customers worldwide.

Westpack’s force is the uncompromising focus of the company. Since we were founded, we have been dedicated to the jewellery and watch industry. This has provided us with a unique knowhow, making us a versatile and close partner – and not just another industry supplier.

Our administration, sales division, storage management and parts of the production are situated in Denmark, while our subsidiary in China is in charge of outsourcing the remaining production to Chinese suppliers, who comply with our requirements for price and quality.

All suppliers are carefully selected and satisfy Westpack’s high standards in terms of quality, CSR etc.

Westpack is a full-concept supplier, collaborating with customers on everything from design, development and quality tests – to production, logistics and storage management. Thus, we are able to handle both solutions for jewellers – as well as large-scale international manufacturers of jewellery, watches or eyewear.

Close contact with our customers is one of Westpack’s main principles. Thus, you will always be in contact with the same project manager (key account manager), backed up by an experienced team of supporters and purchasers.

Meet the team

Morten Dalsgaard CEO +45 4171 7581 mda@westpack.com
Staff 2 Carsten Birk Key Account Manager +45 2488 8142 cb@westpack.com
Staff 4 Jesper Jensen Key Account Manager +45 2488 8144 jej@westpack.com
Rasmus Jensen Key Account Manager +45 4171 7584 rje@westpack.com
Maja Amdi-Fisker Key Account Manager +45 2488 8124 maf@westpack.com
Michael Nybo Jakobsen Key Account Manager +45 4171 7586 mnj@westpack.com
Staff 8 Henriette Brogaard Sales Support +45 70 80 93 33 hjo@westpack.com
Staff 9 Berit Jakobsen Sales Support +45 70 80 93 33 bja@westpack.com
Rasmus Christensen Sales Support +45 70 80 93 33 rch@westpack.com
Malene Bak Korsgaard Sales Support +45 70 80 93 33 mbk@westpack.com
Staff 11 Angelique Muizer Sales Support + 45 70 80 93 33 amu@westpack.com
Simone Brokholm Madsen Sales Support +45 70 80 93 33 sbm@westpack.com