• Quality test and efficient packaging handling

    ”At Aagaard, we offer a wide variety of jewellery in all categories and price ranges: For instance Connections by Aagaard, Lovelinks by Aagaard…

    Westpack delivers a great deal of our packagings and participates in “co”-development of our special solutions. We constantly design new concepts and designs – only recently a solution with the logo integrated in the packaging concept. This continuously requires new and innovative packagings from Westpack.

    At Aagaard, we appreciate the fact that we can maintain and follow the leitmotif running through our packagings. However, storage management, quality and start-up tests are also vital parameters to us. With the amount of packagings, purchased by us, it would require many resources in terms of storage and handling. ”

  • Top quality – and a thorough total solution

    ”Kranz & Ziegler is a Danish jewellery company and Westpack delivers a perfect packaging solution in terms of boxes, displays and bags. Recently for our new concept: Couture by Kranz & Ziegler.

    Westpack was according to our instructions, responsible for both prototypes and production and during development; and we focused a great deal on the right material that should ooze with exclusivity and luxury. We ultimately went for walnut.

    We chose Westpack, because the quality of products was satisfactory and because they offer us a total solution, including production, storage management, logistics as well as quality and start-up tests.”

  • Candour, loyalty and perseverance

    ”We are aware that we demand high standards – not just in terms of our jewellery, but also in terms of packaging and presentation. Maybe even some of the highest standards in the industry. Thus, we had to eliminate several suppliers along the way. Suppliers, who were unable to meet our requirements and expectations in various fields.

    Our collaboration with Westpack has proven to be very satisfactory. The company has taken the battle with us. We appreciate that. Thus, Westpack is not an ordinary supplier, but more of a loyal partner, capable of identifying our goals and ambitions, and of consequently pursuing them. Together, we have fought and the final result was worth it all. Our collaboration is best described in following terms: Candour, loyalty and perseverance.”

  • Mutual trust, swift response and close relations

    ”We are a Danish jewellery company and Westpack produces our boxes, bags and displays. The task was to find a packaging solution that fitted the new look of Spinning´s fixtures. And it had to be a solution that supports Spinning’s profile.

    At Spinning, we are a smaller team, wishing to concentrate solely on jewellery. Thus, we chose to outsource the “hassle” with the packaging and storage management to Westpack.

    We turned to Westpack, since we sensed that Westpack had the will and competence to find the optimal packaging design for our brand.
    Mutual trust, swift response and close relations have made our collaboration even stronger – combined with a fine balance between price and quality”.

  • Good price, storage management and reliable logistics

    ”YES is a Polish retail chain with stores in 55 Polish cities. We offer jewellery in various price ranges and the packaging of our products is very important. Westpack delivers YES – standard and luxury packagings – in coated plastic and wood respectively. The company further participate in development projects in terms of our new and innovative packaging solutions.

    At YES, we focus on the right quality at the right price. That is the reason for choosing Westpack. But we also chose the company, since it is able to handle storage and logistics in Denmark, making us able to deliver on time”.

  • A high service level and cutting-edge design development

    ”The Amor Group is one of Europe’s most successful suppliers of trendy and fashionable jewellery. And Westpack is one of our main suppliers of displays, jewellery trays, gift boxes and other packaging. Our collaboration has existed and worked optimally for many years.

    Apart from Westpack´s storage function and wide range of packaging products, the company excels in customer relations. The service level is high and they are attentive when visiting, respond quickly to enquiries and are able to speak/understand several languages etc.

    Westpack further shows a constant will to develop new products and solutions and thereby ensures that our packaging solutions correspond to the high innovation capacity of jewellery products.”